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What is the Price of Hamster Kombat Coin in India?

Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) coin is a popular cryptocurrency in the gaming world. This article will give you the latest price of Hamster Kombat coin in India and some related information to help you understand its value and trading options.

What is Hamster Kombat on Telegram?
What is Hamster Kombat on Telegram?

Current Price of Hamster Kombat Coin in India

As of the latest update, the price of Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) coin in India is around 45.31 INR per HMSTR. Here are the prices for various amounts of HMSTR:

  • 1 HMSTR = 45.31 INR
  • 10 HMSTR = 453.07 INR
  • 100 HMSTR = 4,530.75 INR
  • 1,000 HMSTR = 45,307 INR
  • 10,000 HMSTR = 453,075 INR

These prices can change frequently due to market conditions.

How to Convert Hamster Kombat to INR

You can use online conversion tools to check the value of different amounts of HMSTR in INR. For instance, 100,000 HMSTR is approximately 4,493,570 INR. These tools update in real-time to give you the latest conversion rates.

Buying Hamster Kombat Coin in India

To buy Hamster Kombat coin in India, you need to use cryptocurrency exchanges that support HMSTR. Popular exchanges include CoinCodex and others that handle Binance Smart Chain tokens. Make sure to check the current prices and fees before buying.

Market Cap and Historical Prices

Hamster Kombat’s market cap is about $4.3 million, with a fully diluted market cap of around $18.2 million. This reflects the total value of all coins in circulation at the current market price. The price of HMSTR has seen ups and downs, typical for meme-based and game-related cryptocurrencies. It had significant gains in 2021 but also faced declines in the following years.


Hamster Kombat coin has become a notable cryptocurrency in the gaming sector. Its price in India is currently around 45.31 INR per HMSTR, but this can fluctuate. Always use reliable exchanges and keep an eye on market trends when trading.


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