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Sarah Ferguson Reveals Interest in Love Island After Joey Essex’s ‘Queen’ Comment

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, expressed her interest in joining Love Island after Joey Essex claimed he is ‘looking for his Queen.’ The discussion took place on Loose Women, where Ferguson talked about her various interests and experiences.

Main Discussion

  • Love Island: The panel joked about Ferguson joining Love Island with Joey Essex, to which she humorously agreed, saying she loves a ‘nice toy boy.’
  • Coronation Street: Ferguson also expressed her desire for a cameo on Coronation Street, mentioning the late Queen Elizabeth’s affection for the show.
  • Embarrassing Her Daughters: She revealed she often embarrasses her daughters with her playful behavior, which they refer to as ‘sparkly things.’

Additional Appearances

  • Good Morning Britain: Ferguson praised King Charles and Kate Middleton for speaking about their cancer experiences. She also shared her own battle with cancer, urging people to get tested.
  • New Book: Her new book, A Woman of Intrigue, is described as ‘saucy and sexy,’ drawing comparisons to Bridgerton.

Concluding Remarks Ferguson highlighted the importance of family unity, drawing support from her late father and the Queen. She also spoke about the Queen’s Corgis, now in her care, and the significance of maintaining the Queen’s values and integrity.

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