Microsoft Delays Launch of AI Recall Tool Over Security Concerns

Microsoft announced in a blog post on Thursday that it will no longer include Recall, an artificial intelligence tool designed to track user activity, with the upcoming release of the Copilot+ PC next week. The decision comes in response to privacy and security concerns.

Recall, initially planned to be a broadly available tool, will now be a preview feature accessible only through the Windows Insiders Program (WIP) starting June 18. Feedback from WIP will guide the eventual rollout of the AI feature to all Copilot+ PCs.

“This decision is rooted in our commitment to providing a trusted, secure, and robust experience for all customers,” wrote Windows Corporate Vice President Pavan Davuluri in the blog post.

Introduced on May 20, the Copilot+ PC is tailored to run advanced AI applications, including Recall. This AI tool takes periodic screenshots to help users search their activity history. However, the tool quickly became controversial, with industry experts worried about potential security risks, such as hackers retrieving sensitive user information.

In response to these concerns, Microsoft initially decided that Recall would be off by default, requiring users to opt in. The company also added security measures, including an encrypted search database and mandatory enrollment in Windows Hello for identity verification via PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

The delay of Recall comes amid growing security worries in the rapidly evolving AI sector. Recently, a U.S. government review board criticized Microsoft’s response to a breach of U.S. government officials’ email accounts by China.


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