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Love Island 2024 Contestants List

The much-anticipated summer series of Love Island 2024 is here, bringing a fresh batch of contestants ready to find love in the villa. This season promises a mix of personalities, from charming hopefuls to vibrant characters.

Meet the Contestants

Samantha Kenny

Samantha brings Scouse glamour to the villa, hoping to find a charming Cockney to sweep her off her feet.

Munveer Jabbal

Born on Valentine’s Day, Munveer is optimistic that Cupid’s arrow will hit its mark in the villa.

Nicole Samuel

Nicole, the Welsh “pocket rocket,” is on the hunt for a rugby player who matches her high energy.

Ronnie Vint

A football player for Loverboy FC, Ronnie is putting his career on hold to find his future wife in the villa.

Patsy Field

Patsy is searching for someone tall, dark, and handsome in the Spanish sunshine.

Ciaran Davies

Using his height, humor, and Welsh charm, Ciaran hopes to find love and perhaps a lifelong partner.

Mimii Ngulube

Self-described as “wifey material,” Mimii is ready to find her future husband on Love Island 2024.

Sam Taylor

Sam, the cheeky chappy, aims to bring laughter and find his Mrs. Right during his time on the show.

What to Expect This Season

This season of Love Island promises drama, romance, and entertainment as contestants navigate the ups and downs of villa life. With a mix of diverse backgrounds and personalities, viewers can look forward to seeing genuine connections and inevitable conflicts.


1. When does Love Island 2024 start?

Love Island 2024 starts on Monday, June 3rd.

2. Who is hosting Love Island 2024?

Maya Jama is hosting this season of Love Island.

3. Where can I watch Love Island 2024?

You can watch Love Island 2024 on ITV2 and stream it on ITVX.

4. How are the contestants selected for Love Island?

Contestants are chosen through an application process and are carefully selected to ensure a diverse and dynamic cast.

5. How long does Love Island 2024 run?

The show typically runs for eight weeks, with episodes airing nightly.

6. Can viewers vote on Love Island 2024?

Yes, viewers can vote on various aspects of the show through the official Love Island app.

7. Are there any returning contestants this season?

No, this season features entirely new contestants.

8. What are the prizes for winning Love Island?

The winning couple receives a cash prize and the opportunity to continue their relationship outside the villa.


Love Island 2024 is set to be a thrilling summer experience with new contestants bringing unique vibes to the villa. Get ready for love, drama, and unforgettable moments as the season unfolds.

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