Lesa Milan: Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, and More

Lesa Milan is a prominent entrepreneur, fashion designer, and television personality known for her role in “The Real Housewives of Dubai.” With her flair for fashion and dynamic presence, Lesa has captivated audiences and established herself as a successful businesswoman. Let’s explore her life, career, and more.

Early Life and Background

Lesa Milan was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and later moved to Miami, Florida. From an early age, she showed a keen interest in fashion and design. Lesa’s creativity and determination were apparent as she pursued her dreams, eventually leading her to the glamorous world of fashion and reality television.


Fashion Design

Lesa Milan is the founder and creative director of Mina Roe, a luxury maternity fashion brand. Her designs are known for their elegance, style, and comfort, catering to expectant mothers who want to look and feel fabulous. Mina Roe has gained international recognition, and Lesa’s innovative designs have been worn by celebrities and influencers around the world.

The Real Housewives of Dubai

Lesa joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Dubai,” where she quickly became a standout personality. The show, which highlights the lives of affluent women in Dubai, has given Lesa a platform to showcase her business acumen, fashion expertise, and personal life. Her charisma and authenticity have resonated with viewers, making her a beloved figure on the show.

Personal Life


Lesa is a devoted wife and mother. She is married to Richard Hall, and the couple has three children. Lesa often shares glimpses of her family life on social media, highlighting the joy and challenges of balancing a successful career with family responsibilities.

Hobbies and Interests

In addition to her fashion endeavors, Lesa has a passion for philanthropy and empowering women. She is actively involved in various charitable initiatives and uses her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart. Lesa also enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures, which often inspires her fashion designs.

Net Worth

Lesa Milan’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions, thanks to her successful fashion brand and her role on “The Real Housewives of Dubai.” Her entrepreneurial spirit and strategic business ventures have significantly contributed to her financial success.

Height and Physical Appearance

Lesa is known for her stunning looks and impeccable style. She stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters). Her fashion sense, both in her personal wardrobe and her designs, reflects her elegant and sophisticated personality.

Impact and Legacy

Lesa Milan is more than just a reality TV star; she is a trailblazer in the fashion industry and an inspiration to many. Her journey from a young girl in Jamaica to a successful entrepreneur and television personality in Dubai is a testament to her hard work and determination. Lesa continues to inspire others with her dedication to her craft and her commitment to empowering women.


Lesa Milan’s story is one of creativity, resilience, and success. Whether through her innovative fashion designs or her captivating presence on “The Real Housewives of Dubai,” Lesa continues to make a significant impact. Her journey is a powerful reminder that with passion and perseverance, one can achieve great heights.

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