JaNa Craig Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Biography, Family, And More

Net Worth

As of 2024, JaNa Craig’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. Her earnings as a day trader and her participation in “Love Island USA” likely contribute to her financial status.


JaNa Craig is 27 years old, born in 1997.


JaNa Craig is a dynamic and confident individual originally from Kailua, Hawaii, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a day trader by profession, showcasing her analytical skills and keen eye for financial markets. JaNa gained significant attention as a contestant on the sixth season of “Love Island USA.”

Her journey on “Love Island USA” has been marked by her straightforward personality and her penchant for men with facial hair. JaNa has celebrity crushes on Travis Kelce and Rege-Jean Page, reflecting her diverse tastes. Despite her bold persona, she has a quirky fear of cats and takes pride in being tattoo-free.

JaNa is also the CEO of JC Ventures LLC, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership abilities. She is fluent in Japanese and Spanish, which adds to her unique skill set.


Details about JaNa Craig’s family are not publicly available. She prefers to keep her family life private, focusing more on her career and public endeavors.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Specific details about JaNa Craig’s height and weight are not publicly available. However, she is described as having a fit and attractive physique, suitable for her active lifestyle.


JaNa Craig graduated with honors from San Diego State University in 2020. Prior to her university education, she attended Kalaheo High School.


JaNa Craig’s professional journey as a day trader has been marked by her strategic thinking and financial acumen. She is also the CEO of JC Ventures LLC, where she demonstrates her leadership and business skills. Her participation in “Love Island USA” Season 6 showcases her adventurous spirit and desire to explore new experiences and relationships.

Social Media Presence

JaNa Craig is active on social media, where she shares updates about her life and career. Her engaging posts and charismatic personality have helped her build a substantial following.

Instagram: JaNa Craig

TikTok: JaNa Craig

People Also Ask

1. Who is JaNa Craig?
JaNa Craig is a reality TV star and day trader from Las Vegas, NV, known for participating in “Love Island USA” Season 6.

2. How old is JaNa Craig?
JaNa Craig is 27 years old.

3. What did JaNa Craig do before reality TV?
Before joining reality TV, JaNa worked as a day trader and is the CEO of JC Ventures LLC.

4. What reality shows has JaNa Craig been on?
JaNa Craig has appeared on “Love Island USA” Season 6.

5. Is JaNa Craig close to her family?
Details about JaNa’s family relationships are currently unknown.

6. What is JaNa Craig’s job?
JaNa works as a day trader and is the CEO of JC Ventures LLC.

These details provide a comprehensive understanding of JaNa Craig’s life and current endeavors in reality television.


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