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Net Worth

As of 2024, Hannah Smith’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. Her participation in “Love Island USA” and her work as a bottle server likely contribute to her financial status.


Hannah Smith is 26 years old.


Hannah Smith is a bottle server from Concord, North Carolina, currently residing in Charlotte. She gained public attention as a contestant on Season 6 of “Love Island USA.” Known for her bubbly and fun-loving personality, Hannah has a fear of flying despite her love for travel. This quirky combination adds to her charm and relatability.

On “Love Island USA,” Hannah’s goal is to find true love while navigating the challenges and surprises the show has to offer. Her sense of humor and outgoing nature make her a standout participant in the villa. She is open about her struggles with hyperhidrosis, which causes her to have sweatier hands and feet than average, adding an element of vulnerability to her personality.


Information about Hannah Smith’s family is currently not publicly available. She prefers to keep her personal and family life private, focusing more on her career and reality TV endeavors.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Specific details about Hannah Smith’s height and weight are not publicly available. However, she is described as having an attractive and fit physique, suitable for her active lifestyle.


Details about Hannah’s educational background are not publicly available.


Hannah Smith works as a bottle server, a job that involves serving drinks in high-energy environments like clubs and events. Her career choice complements her vibrant and sociable personality. In 2024, she joined the cast of “Love Island USA” Season 6, seeking love and new experiences in the luxurious villa set in Fiji.

Social Media Presence

Hannah Smith is active on social media, where she shares her life updates and engages with her followers. Her candid posts and engaging personality have helped her build a strong online presence.

Instagram: Hannah Smith

People Also Ask

1. Who is Hannah Smith?
Hannah Smith is a reality TV star and bottle server from Charlotte, NC, known for participating in “Love Island USA” Season 6.

2. How old is Hannah Smith?
Hannah Smith is 26 years old.

3. What did Hannah Smith do before reality TV?
Before joining reality TV, Hannah worked as a bottle server.

4. What reality shows has Hannah Smith been on?
Hannah Smith has appeared on “Love Island USA” Season 6.

5. Is Hannah Smith close to her family?
Details about Hannah’s family relationships are currently unknown.

6. What is Hannah Smith’s job?
Hannah works as a bottle server.

These aspects of Hannah Smith’s life provide a comprehensive understanding of her journey and current endeavors in the realm of reality television.


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