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Ciaran Davies Love Island Star, Net Worth, Age, Height, Career and More

Ciaran Davies gained attention as a contestant on the 2024 summer series of “Love Island.” Known for his vibrant personality and captivating presence, Ciaran quickly became a standout on the show. Here’s a closer look at his background, career, and more.

Early Life

Ciaran Davies was born in Pencoed, South Wales. Growing up, he developed a passion for sports, particularly rugby, which played a significant role in his life.

Career Before Love Island

Before his reality TV debut, Ciaran worked as a surveyor. His professional background provided him with a solid foundation, but he sought new experiences and opportunities, leading him to join “Love Island.”

Love Island Journey

Ciaran entered the “Love Island” villa in June 2024. At 21 years old, he was one of the youngest contestants in that season. Despite his young age, Ciaran’s maturity and charm helped him form strong connections with other islanders.

Personal Details

  • Age: 21
  • From: Pencoed, South Wales
  • Occupation: Surveyor
  • Instagram: @ciarandaviesss

Fun Facts

  • Rugby Injury: Ciaran injured his collarbone in a rugby match the same day he learned he’d be on “Love Island.”
  • Celebrity Encounters: He once pretended to be ex-islander Liam Reardon to get into a club, resulting in VIP treatment.
  • Family Reactions: His mother was thrilled about his participation on the show, while his father had a more reserved reaction.
  • Snoring: Known to snore, Ciaran might cause some sleepless nights in the villa.


Ciaran is a fan of David Attenborough and expressed his admiration by wishing to have him in the villa to hear his stories. He also named Madison Beer and Justin Bieber as his dream islanders for their entertainment value.


Ciaran Davies brought energy and enthusiasm to the “Love Island” villa. His journey on the show reflects his adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace new challenges. Fans can follow his post-show life on his Instagram for updates and more insights into his experiences.

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